Download Software

1. Download and run

2. start the software

3. Go to Back Office, License, then Download latest update

4. Run the update and then restart the software

License Set Up

1. Click on Back Office button on the main Screen
2. Click on License Tab:
3. Click on Enter and Update Restaurant ID
4. Enter the restaurant ID provided by us.
5. Click on Update Restaurant ID

Set Up Menu

1. Go to Back Office, then Menu Set Up

2. Import Menu From Excel

3. Import Modifier From Excel

Set Up Printers

1. Make sure all printers drivers are installed and tested properly on Windows Control Panel. Share the receipt printer as receipt

2. Go to Back Office, then Store Station Set Up

3. Click on Printer Set Up, enter localhost as the host and click on Load, then select the printer name in the drop down

4. For Cash Drawer, select EPSON LPT1 in the drop down

Other set up

1. Ture off Windows Firewall

2. Make computer have a static IP address if possible

3. For stations other that the server, edit c:/supermenu/host.txt and change localhost to the computer name or IP address of the server, save and restart the software