Combo Item With Forced Modifier in Kitchen


1. Set Up Modifiers With Kitchen Printers

  • Go to back office, menu set up, modifier set up
  • Create a new Modifier Group, such as Combo Choice
  • Click on Modifier Items and ente the name of the modifer items
  • Next the the modifier items, there are checkboxes of k1, k2, k3, etc. which stands for print to kitchen printer 1, print to kitchen printer 2, etc.
  • Check and uncheck the printers for the modifers. For example, if the modifier of choice of Eggroll needs to print to Kitchen printer 2, uncheck all check boxes for printers and check only the check box for kitchen printer 2

2. Set Up the Combo Items 

  • Go to back office, menu set up, menu item set up
  • Create a new category, such as Combo Dinner
  • Click on Items and add items to the Category
  • Click on the Edit button next to the menu item, check the check box of  Is Special/Combo Item?
  • Save and close the edit screen
  • Click on Set Up Combo Items button next to the item
  • Enter the name of the combo items, such as Entree and Appetizer
  • If you want the appetizer to print to a particula kitchen printer, click on modifiers
  • Select the modifier group in the dropdown for the choice of appertizer (created in step 1, see above)
  • Click on Edit button
  • Check Forced Modifier checkbox
  • Uncheck Allow Multuple Values checkbox
  • Check the Check Kitchen checkbox
  • Save and close