Email Set Up


1. Set up the emails used to receive messages, reports and alerts

  • Go to Back Office, Online Set Up, Email Server Set Up
  • Enter the email addresses on the top. These email addresses will receive reports and alerts

2. Enter the information for email accounts used to send email

  • Enter SMTP server name, for example use for godaddy based workspace emails
  • Enter the SMPT server port. for example use 80 for godaddy based workspace emails
  • Enter the email address and password 
  • Check SSL if needed
  • do a test
  • save

3. Flag to set

  • dailyReportHour
  • dailyReportHour1
  • dailyReportHour2
  • dailyReportHour3
  • emailDailyReport
  • sendCashAlert
  • sendDeleteAlert