Gift Set Up


1. Set Up Gift

  • Go to Back Office, then Menu Set Up
  • Create a Category Call Gift Card
  • Click on Edit button
  • Check Gift Card Category check box and then click on Save
  • Click on Items button
  • Create an item called Open Gift Card
  • Close the windo

2. Check Gift Card Balance

  • Go to Back Office, Gift and Loyalty, click on Check Gift Card Balance

3. Issue Gift Card

  • Go to Order Screen and click on the Gift Card category button
  • Click on any Gift Card items
  • Swipe the Gift Card and complete the order
  • The gift card will be issued when the order is completed

4. Redeem Gift Card

  • After the order is ready to be paid, click on the Pay button on the order screen
  • On the payment screen, click on the Gift button
  • Swipe the gift card to pay