Kitchen Display

1. Copy c:/supermenu/KitchenMonitor1.bat to the desktop

2. Right Click on the file and Click on Edit and open the  file in notepad

3. Change -DkitchScreenDisplayNumber=3 to -DkitchScreenDisplayNumber=6 if you need to show 6 orders at the same time on the same screen

4. Kitchen Monitor is tied to the Kitchen printer setting, so if you set an item to print to Kitchen Printer 1 and want the same item to show on the Kitchen Monitor 1, add the following in the KitchenMonitor1.bat file 


5. add the following -DtwoRowKitchenMonitor=2

6. add the following -DmultipleKitchenMonitor=Y

7. save the file


8. Double Click on the Bat file to star the kitchen Monitor