Kitchen Monitor

1. Start Kitchen Monitor by double clicking on the c:/supermenu/KitchenMonitor1.bat or c:/supermenu/KitchenMonitor2.bat.

2. To have more kitchen monitors, copy and create a new KitchenMonitor3.bat, for example, and edit the file change monitorNumber from 1 to 3

3. Change multipleKitchenMonitor to Y in advanced set up

4. To use Key Pad instead of Key Board, please change kitchenKeyPad to Y in advanced set up

5. Use the Up and Down Key to more cursor up and down on an order's items.

6. Use the Left and Right Key to more the cursor to the left or right between orders

7. Use PgDn to Bump All, use PgUp to Bump one item

8. Use End to show all Orders

9. Use Home to go to the first Order

10. Use Enter to refresh orders

11. To use USB based Bump bar devices, please use the key mapping utility software for the bump bar to map the keys in the bump bar to the key of the Kitchen Monitor screen, for, example, PgDn mapped to Bump key on the bump bar device. The number 1, 2, 3, etc will be used to move the cursor to the order on the screen