1. Pager Screen will POP Up when the order is sent or paid
2. The Order Taker can enter the Pager Number on the screen
3. The pager number will be printed in the receipt
4. The order taker can call the number when the order is ready so the customer can be notified to pick up the order
5. The following are flags to be used:
  • quickServePager : This enable the pager function. This is a local setting
  • pagerName : This allows to enter the name of the customer on the pager
  • carryoutPagerNeeded : This will make Carry-Out order requiring pager
  • dineinPagerNeeded : This will make Dine-In order requiring pager
  • deliveryPagerNeeded : This will make Delivery order requiring pager
  • pickUpPagerNeeded : This will make Pick UP order requiring pager