Split Check


1. Split Check for Dine-In Order

  • Go to Dine-In screen, click on the Table 
  • Enter the password
  • On the Dine-In order screen
  • Click on Split button
  • Enter the number of checks to split the order
  • On the split order screen, select the items on the left
  • Click on the check where you want to put the selected item
  • To move items between checks, click on the item on one check and then click on another check
  • When ready to pay, click on pay button
  • Do it again util all items are paid and the order will be closed
  • The original order will be canceled.
  • All the new checks will have the original order ID plus -001, -002, etc as their IDs


2. Split Check by item for Carry-Out, Pick Up and Delivery Orders

  • In the order screen, click on Split button
  • You can split by payment amount or split by item
  • To split by item, click on Split by Item Button
  • Click on the items on the left and click on the check on the right to add items to the check
  • Click on pay to complete the order.
  • Repeat the step until all items are paid and the order will be closed


3. Split check by Payment

  • In the order screen, click on pay button
  • On the payment screen, click on Split Pay button
  • Enter the split amount and click on pay
  • click on split Even to evenly split the checks
  • Do it repeatedly until the whole dollar amount is paid for and the order will close.