Supermenu Mobile/Tablet Server



1. Now you can use any devices (including IPAD, IPHONE, Windows Tablet, Andrioid Tablet and Andriod Phones) to connect to the tablet server to place orders

2. The Tablet Server needs to be installed on the same computer as the regular POS server

3. The Tablet POS APP is written in HTML so a browser is required to run the APP.

4. Now the APP only supports Dine-In table ordering without Payment. More features will be added.

5. We have tested multiple devices and found the best device will be Amazon Fire 8 HD (which costs only $79).  It is super fast and its battery can last for days and it fits into a regular pocket. It also have a Amazon Web APP Tester to make it run as a real app without needing to creating a real app.


Steps to use the Tablet APP

1. Download and install Latest of Supermenu POS

2. Download and install

3. Start the POS software and the Tablet Server will start on the background. (Do not close the Tomcat command window)

4. Make sure the server computer have a fixed IP address

5. On any tablet, open the browser, type in the server IP address and :8080 (for example and then enter

6. You will see the login screen, enter the PIN number (the employee PIN you set up in the employee set up screen)

7. Select the table to enter

8. You will see the menu categories in the middle, use you finger to swipe up or down to scroll the categories

9. Press on the category button, and you will see the items for the category on the right

10. Press on any item button on the right and you will see the item detail screen with all the modifiers. Press on Add to Order button to add to the order

11. Press on Send button to send the order to the kitchen

12. Press on the Print Receipt button to send print the receipt


More features To be added in the future

1. Delete or Modify items already printed

2. Payment

3. Discount

4. Tax Exempt

5. Loyalty

6. Pick Up and Delivery Orders.

7. Void Order