• Set Up Message Service Provider
    1. Go to https://dashboard.nexmo.com/sign-up to sign up a new account. Please add Money to the account before you can send text messages
    2. Get the latest version of Supermenu POS
    3. In Advanced Set Up, change text_api_key to the value of api_key from your Nexmo account
    4. In Advanced Set Up, change text_api_secret to the value of api_secret from your Nexmo account
    5. In Advanced Set Up, change text_from to the value of your phone number from your Nexmo account

  • Send Text Message to Customers
    1. Go to Back Office
    2. Go to Marketing Set Up
    3. Click On Send Text Messages
    4. Enter the Text Message to Send
    5. Select the Phone Numbers (Press Shift Key then Highlight the phone numbers
    6. Click on Send
  • Send Text Message to Drivers
    1. Go to Back Office
    2. Go to Employee Set Up
    3. Enter the cell phone numbers for all employees and save
    4. Click on Driver Dispatcher in Main Screen
    5. Select the Orders and select the driver
    6. Click on Text Directions