Why is Supermenu better than Aldelo?

1. Supermenu has more features than Aldelo and cost less than Aldelo

2. Supermenu is more user-friendly then Aldelo

3. Supermenu runs faster than Aldelo

4. Supermenu is more stable than Aldelo

5. Supermenu requires less maintenence and support than Aldelo

6. Supermenu has its own fully Integrated Online Ordering System (not third-party)

7. Supermenu has build in Email-Marketing and Text Message Marketing functions with no additional cost

8. Supermenu can be run on any devices (Windows, Linux, Apple, Andriod, etc)

9. Supermenu has a powerful CRM and loyalty system for customer retention.

10. Supermenu is fully integrated with virtually all third party delivery companies such as UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, PostMate, etc.

11. Supermenu has self-ordering kiosk system that can run on any devices

12. Supermenu has order at the table and pay at the table functions

13. Supermenu supports both physical and digit giftcards as well as multi-store gift cards

14. Now Supermenu offers 6 months free trial of everthing to all new customers

15. Supermenu is the most reseller-friendly POS software company